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Dear friend, 


Although I am dedicated to my local ministry as a Pastor and teacher, God has blessed me to reach millions across America and the world through speaking engagements, radio, social media and appearances on television. Many of you who live in other parts of the country have expressed an interest in connecting to my ministry.


All too often I hear from Christians that they cannot find a church where a Pastor is not only true to the Word of God, but willing to apply it to the issues of the day. 


  •   God admonishes us to choose life, but many Pastors are unwilling to take a stand for the lives of unborn children. 


  •   We are commanded to be holy, but many pastors  are unwilling to say that society’s embrace of homosexuality and transgender identity is a sin against God.


  •   Bible believing Christians agree that when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice, but many Pastors are unwilling to urge their members to vote their Christian values and support candidates who uphold Judeo-Christian principles. 


We owe a prophetic duty to God and our country to speak the truth. To do anything less is an abdication of our Christian and patriotic responsibility.


If this is also your view of what Pastors and churches should be doing and teaching, along with the other charitable work which we do, we have a way for you to connect with us. It is an Extension Membership for those who live too far away to attend our weekly worship services, but want to join with our fellowship.


Simply fill out the commitment form below. We will gladly receive you. Extension membership is not second class status. The only difference is that you cannot be here in person for our worship services. You may consider me your Pastor, and we will provide you with online teaching and access whenever possible. 


We will host a quarterly conference call for Extension Members so that you can have an opportunity to engage. We will make telephone appointments with Extension Members who need my help or counseling. When possible I will officiate at weddings and funerals of extension members. Those arrangements can be made through my office. 


My schedule of speaking engagements and all church events will be posted for your convenience. If I am going to be in your area, I would love to meet you.


Jesus told us to go into all the world. Given the ease of travel and the efficiencies of modern technology, there is no reason to limit church membership to local people.


It would be my honor to serve as your Pastor, no matter where you live. 


God bless you, and may you grow and prosper in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the plan of God for your life. Please let us know if we can help.


Yours in Christ,



Bishop E.W. Jackson

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